Ends on January 31, 2019


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With an ever-growing need and worldwide emphasis on low-carbon energies  and solutions, we are looking for start-ups that push the envelope by  designing game-changing technologies which move us further away from  carbon-reliant energy. Which low-carbon fuels and generation  technologies can best advance the energy transition? Do you have an  innovative product or service that can support the development,  operation and maintenance of low-carbon energy? Do you have a brilliant  idea which ensures stability in supply, is low-cost, and reduces  GHG-emissions? On top of all, can your business model compete with  rising stars in the industry? Whether you are in the solar or wind  industry, developing hydrogen or biofuel technologies, supporting  heating and cooling systems or creating low-cost maintenance solutions,  we want to see what you have to offer! 

Key Words (not limited to): solar panels, wind  turbines, hydrogen, power-to-gas, biofuels, heating, cooling, sector  coupling, weather forecast, carbon capture & storage, and low-cost  maintenance solutions.