Ends on January 31, 2019

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Smart this. Smart that. We need smart grids that are capable of linking the increasing amount of renewable energy sources. There have been significant changes in the transmission and distribution of energy as traditional grid management becomes increasingly complex and decentralization intensifies. Innovative solutions such as predictive supply chain management, digital twinning, and traffic & congestion management through big data-led processes will help improve performance, resilience and ultimately, the resource footprint of existing systems. We are looking for start-ups which hold the key to balancing the grid, reducing physical and virtual distances and creating new marketplaces. How can we better and more efficiently use the existing infrastructure we have with the help of platforms? Who can explore and incorporate big data into their platforms in the cleverest of ways, while keeping it safe from events such as cyber-attacks? How can we further automatize operations and prevent failures? We are looking for the brightest innovators in areas such as smartgrids with decentralized (democratized) energy access, peer-to-peer, blockchain-based solutions and last-mile channels that can bring our energy systems, (and us), closer together. 

Key words (not limited to): off- grid, microgrid, smartgrid, peer-to-peer, blockchain, financial platforms, mobile platforms, last-mile distribution channel, ancillary services, virtual power plants, data management, data & cyber security, predictive supply chain management, digital twinning, and traffic & congestion management.