Ends on January 31, 2019

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The energy transition is strongly about energy efficiency. We want to see which ideas can help us do more with less. More and more energy consumers are seeking solutions and products to help them manage their energy usage. How can solutions such as smart appliances, internet of things and storage help us do this? Which ideas aide industries, buildings and households to track, manage, reduce or adapt their energy consumption. We want to see who holds the right technologies that allow us to bridge the gap between accessible storage and harnessing fluctuating energy generation levels. We invite all entrepreneurs to show us their smart meters, blockchain-based solutions for energy efficiency and storage, life-cycle assessment software’s, machine- learning technologies and more.

Key words (not limited to): smart metering, demand side management, software as a service, digitalization, machine learning, blockchain, life-cycle assessment, insulation, heat recover, and storage (excluding EV batteries).