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Today the ways in which energy is consumed are shifting fast and fundamentally. For a long time, three global drivers of change – decarbonisation, digitalisation, decentralisation – were shaping energy systems developments in all world regions. In response to the faster pace of technology innovation and increasing uptake of climate policies, one new global driver has emerged - demand-side disruptions, which reflect the rise of digitally empowered prosumers and new demand for clean and efficient energy services. End-users want ideas, which helps them do more with less. How can innovators support digital, big-data businesses in decreasing their energy footprint? Which ideas aide industries, cities and households to track, manage, reduce or adapt their energy consumption? How can they be one of the key drivers in the creation of net-zero communities? We are searching for smart devices, applications, materials, substitutes and behaviour-changing innovations that help promote and improve energy use.

Key words (not limited to): smart devices; insulation; prosumers; green buildings; retrofitting; heat recovery; big-data energy footprint; net-zero communities

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.