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There have been significant changes in the transmission and distribution of energy as traditional grid management becomes increasingly complex. The dissemination of information and decentralization of energy systems has the potential to empower and enable citizens globally. However, one must consider integrating infrastructure beyond the energy sector by coupling with adjacent sectors to offer effective solutions with overall lower carbon footprints. Digital grid management systems, smart platforms, the application of big-data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key technologies that will continue to support the energy systems of the future. But don’t forget storage! Energy storage solutions that offer both short and long-term storage options to enable grid stability and flexibility and manage the over or under-production of renewable energy are in growing demand. Storage technologies should look to be more cost-effective, while also focusing on using less environmental damaging materials in their production. This category calls for tech-savvy start-ups working on distribution and climate-neutral storage solutions for a micro, mini, local or system wide application.

Key words (not limited to): grid mgmt systems; smart platforms; AI; blockchain; digital twinning; storage; conflict and rare-earth free materials; batteries; big-data; grid stability; grid flexibility; sector-coupling

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