Ends on January 31, 2018

The United Nations have projected that there could be a 40% shortfall of water availability globally, between demand and available supply, by 2030. Water deficit, changes in precipitation patterns and increasing competition between water users, adversely affect the resilience of energy services in many parts of the world. Energy is the second-largest freshwater user after agriculture, yet it appears that an assessment of the consumption and use of water by different energy technologies is complex and there are currently limited methods to do it. Therefore, we want to see which startups are able to provide innovation solutions to minimize water use for energy, and mitigate competition between the energy, water and food agendas. If you are making technological advances in recirculating systems, water irrigation systems, the adoption of dry cooling, improvements in desalination processes, or reusing water from oil extraction, we want to see who is best placed to reduce the water footprint of energy.

Keywords (not limited to): water savings, water management, water irrigation systems, dry cooling, second generation biofuels, recirculation, and desalination.

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